Single Family Home


Originally an early 1880s Bakery servicing Fremantle. The brief from the client was to employ the Japanese philosophy ‘Wabi Sabi’ embracing the imperfection and natural ageing of raw materials.
The industrial finishes of burnished concrete, black formply, and warmer materials of cedar cladding, black butt timber sit comfortably together to enhance the spaces. 

This was my second time working with Carl to create a thing of beauty. My brief to him in the redesign of the interior of the 1880 bakery was to honour the changes that time had wrought and accept the imperfections. The concept known as wabi-sabi. But also create a modern look and an efficient well-functioning house and home! Carl was always right there for me professionally which was wonderful as I am the sole owner. We spent lots of fruitful times discussing the overall look I wanted to achieve but I was able to leave the details to the professional - Carl! The lines of communication were always open and because of the nature of the building there were many instances when the builder found problems which necessitated quick decisions by Carl and myself. The bakery is beautiful to live in with its restored 5 meter pitched roof. The old walkway become a hallway joining it to the old reconfigured 70’s house and is my favourite space with the very special new front door of Japanese blackened cedar. By using the same materials throughout, Blackbutt and black formply the two houses have a lovely feeling of belonging to each other. The result is a perfect mix of old and new - the restored 1880 steel tiles from the bakery on the floor and the new ply wood/steel stairs sit comfortably together. A wonderful home has been created. Mary Hill